Our services

All-in-one solutions for the office and CAD environments.

IT Services

Computer array monitoring and maintenance.

Survey of compliance

Match computers hardware and desktop environment to CAD vendor requirements.

Design and deployment plans

Optimization of current computer work force to achieve CAD certification.

Performance tests

Manipulating desktop for best performance.


Working giudance

Educating and teaching better and correct ways to work with the desktop environment and CAD software.

Technical support

Monitoring and maintenance-computers, servers, backups and network.

Our vision

Matching computing requirements, goals and objectives of the client. For greater efficiency, speed and work activities, while maintaining a competitive edge, process cost-effective and reliable work.

Why work with us

Solutions we provide include, complete solutions to meet the goals of the firm as well as CAD infrastructure for fast design flow and cost effective working process.


Matching hardware and software infrastructure to office specific needs.

Peace of mind

Let us take care of your office computer needs, and free your engineers to do what they best of.

Time efficiency

Fast and cost effective working flow.


AIO IT services, on-site and by remote control.

Part of the team

We are there with you and for you. Committed to your success.

Be the first

Maintaining a competitive edge.

About us

During the last 16 years, senior IT specialist, in advanced science-tech industries, specializes supporters computer systems and CAD systems that require high computing power and speed of response.

The company deals with, respectively, building and upgrading computer systems designed to implement the goals and objectives of the client. Providing solutions "outside of box" and various computer systems integration.

What our clients say about us